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August 23, 2015 -
Retail hours in September
Please note that the retail shop will be closed on the 4th, 5th, ... more

June 12, 2015 -
Little Wars Adelaide and altered Shop Hours
Eureka's next show will be at the Goodwood Community Centre in Ad... more


May 21, 2015 -
Little Wars Melbourne only ten days away. Victoria's largest toy soldier and gami... more

April 18, 2015 -
Shop closed until 8th May
The Eureka retail shop will be closed until the 8th May.
Norma... more

April 12, 2015 -
ANZAC Day Celebrations at Salute
The Eureka Miniatures ANZAC TRIBUTE "TWO-UP" GAMEmore

April 03, 2015 -
Easter Trading Hours
Please note that the Eureka retail shop will be closed for Easter... more

February 18, 2015 -
Sam Mustafa's Blucher
Sam's latest rules for Army level Napoleonic have arrived.

January 20, 2015 -
AB Figures official website!
AB Figures now have their own web site at more

August 25, 2015 -
28mm Bush Wars
Back when Eureka Miniatures first released our acclaimed 28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry figures, there was very little available for war gamers and fig... more
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June 13, 2015 -
28mm Chaos Army
Inspired by the works of Bosch, Bruegel and the imagination of our new sculptor Mick Darpa, the denizens of a dark and scary place are released into t... more

May 25, 2015 -
10mm Lizardmen
From the fertile imagination of one of our customers comes this exhaustive range of scaly warriors.Following a request to make some new fantas... more

March 26, 2015 -
18mm Wars of Spanish Succession Catalonians
The Wars Of Spanish Succession are better known to those of us with an English background as Marlborough's Wars. Alan Marsh has worked on 28mm scale A... more

February 19, 2015 -
28mm Soviet Motorised Infantry
When Soviet troops entered and then occupied Afghanistan in 1979 they wore uniforms little different to those that their fathers and grandfathers wore... more

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