Game Name: Necromunda – Ambush!
Game System: Necromunda
Game Type: Participation
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Game Description:
A gang sets a trap for their rivals, hoping to catch them unawares….
Step into the underhive, the seedy underbelly of the 41st Millenium where rival houses pit their militia in constant turf wars to control what meagre riches have been lost to dilapidation and time in the bowls of the hive city of Necromunda.
A blend of classic Warhammer 40k tabletop mechanics with a modern model by model activation system and a healthy dose of RPG style granularity for ongoing campaign development. Necromunda allows for a sandbox style game play with endless variation and character.

In this introductory scenario take control of one of two very different gangs, one trying to escape with as few casualties as possible, the other trying to do as much damage as they can!

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