The Battle of Naseby – 1645

Game Name: The Battle of Naseby – 1645
Game System: To the Strongest – King and Parliament
Game Type: Participation
Duration: Minimum 1 Hour advised


Game Description:
The Battle of Naseby was the key battle of the first English Civil War. On 14 June 1645, the main army of King Charles I was destroyed by the Parliamentarian New Model Army commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell.

The rules are “To the Strongest – for King and Parliament”. These rules are designed as a fast-play set of rules, which can be played as either a two-player game, or expanded to cater for multiple players each taking the role of a wing commander – such as in this game. The rules are played on a surface divided into a squared grid which regulates movement, shooting and combat. “For King and Parliament” also dispenses with dice, instead using a playing-card based system to govern both Command & Control and Combat.

This participation event will be played using a range of 28mm figures from Renegade, Dixon, Old Glory, Foundry and Warlords Games. The game will run all day and visitors are encouraged to spend some time at the game – there will be command positions available for visitors during the day if they wish to play for an hour or so.

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