Trade Stands – Adelaide 2019

Little Wars Adelaide is excited to welcome the following traders to the event:

Eureka Miniatures

A huge range of miniature figures in many scales, from Ancients to Moderns. Eureka will also be bringing models from the AB Figures range.

FX Distributors

Importers of a wide range of plastic kits, paints and game accessories.

Jackal Designs

South Australian based custom laser cutting and engraving business, including but not limited to table top accessories and terrain.

Knights of Dice

Specialising in laser cut products, Knights of Dice has evolved from being a concept for a game store to Australia’s only (to our knowledge) full-time manufacturer of wargaming scenery and terrain.

Leadbear’s Tufts

Makers of 6mm and 12mm self-adhesive tufts, suitable for 15mm – 54mm scale figures and dioramas.

Mana Press

A game development studio in Melbourne, Mana Press produce the Tribal skirmish game and Maximilian pulp road-rage games – both of which will be at the show for you to come and try.

Military Hobbies

The home of generations of military collectors, gamers, hobbyists and model makers across in Adelaide for over 40 years.

Miniature Scenery

An impressive range of laser cut scenery, vehicles and game-accessories,

Miniature Scenery

Scorched Earth Design

Laser cut terrain and game aids for a range of miniature and tabletop games including Kingdom Death, Warhammer 40k,

Sparrow Castings

A huge range of 20mm resin WWII vehicles covering every combatant and theatre of the war.

Tabletop Warfare

Where games live.
Specialising in Board Games, Trading Card Games, Miniatures and Accessories.​

Victoria Miniatures

Purveyors of the galaxy’s finest 38mm heroic troops, conversion bits, and wargear