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Game Name: Allenby 1917
Game System: Allenby – an extension of “The men who would be kings” rule set.

Game Description
In 1917 Field Marshal Allenby with his mobile column is tasked with breaking the deadlock that was the reality of the battles for Gaza. A mobile column is formed and moves inland, moving quickly, enabling the allies to hit the Turks and Germans with surprise and deadly force in areas that they didn’t expect.

After years of toil Allenby has managed to seize Jerusalem within a few short months, shattered unmoving stoic Turkish defensive lines and watched as the Ottoman empire is rapidly withdrawn towards turkey in an effort to hold the allies back. Many spectacular actions take pace such as the spectacular charge at Beersheba by the Australian 4th Light Horse Regiment.

Our game plays out one of the flank actions that took place in 1917 in preparation for the major thrusts that would occur later that year sealing the fate of the ottoman empire.

Come along and join in, command a force either ottoman or allied and see if you can change or prove history.


Game Name: Queneitra, 1973
Game System: Fistful of TOWs in 1/600 scale (3mm)

Game Description
Queneitra was one of the pivotal battles of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. A small force of Israelis defend the Golan Heights against the Syrian onslaught, over what would become known as the “Valley of Tears”.

The game will use the Fistful of TOWs rules, played using 1/600 scale miniatures (3mm) to portray the scope of the action.


Game Name: Salting Tommy’s Soup
Game System: What a Tanker!

Game Description
‘The 75 is firing. The 37 is firing, but it is traversed round the wrong way. The Browning is jammed. I am saying ‘Driver advance’ on the A set and the driver, who can’t hear me, is reversing. And as I look over the top of the turret and see twelve enemy tanks fifty yards away, someone hands me a cheese sandwich.’ –Lt Ken Giles

Take command of your tank in the deserts of North Africa and see how you fare once the tracks hit the sand.


Game Name: Battle of Hydaspes 326 BC
Game System: Command and Colors Ancients

Game Description
Command and Colours Ancients is a popular hex based board game, designed by Richard Borg, which allows players to fight the classic battles of the ancient world. While it can be played as a board game it has greater visual appeal when played with miniatures. The game mechanics although simple, require strategic card play, historical tactics, timely dice rolling and an aggressive yet flexible battle plan, to achieve victory.

The Battle of Hydaspes was fought in 326 BC between Alexander the Great and King Porus of the Paurava Indian kingdom in the modern Punjab region. The battle was a decisive victory for the Macedonians. Can you change history?


Game Name: General Quarters
Game System: GQ3

Game Description 
Second World War Naval action


Game Name: Immingham
Game System: 28mm (or possibly 54mm) English Civil War Skirmish game

Game Description                                     
Immingham is a small port on the East coast of England in 1643 that is held by a small Parliamentary force. An attack group of Royalists arrive concealed in the Cog “Nell” in darkness with orders to take the port to allow the later arrival of Queen Henrietta Maria’s ship with a cargo of arms and gold to continue the fight against the enemy.


Game Name: The Mexican Adventure
Game System: Black Powder

Game Description
The Mexican (or Maximillian) Adventure lasted from 1861 to 1867. The French Emperor, Napoleon III, wished to pursue ‘La Gloire’ by invading Mexico and establishing a French puppet state under an Austrian prince, Maximillian. However, initially things did not go well for Napoleon and the veteran French Army was defeated by the Republican Mexican forces at the First Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. After a change in leadership and substantial reinforcement, the French resumed the offensive and defeated the Mexican field army at the Battle of San Lorenzo. Following a siege, Puebla fell on May 17, 1863 and the way was open to Mexico City. The actions of this early period in the war will be re-created using the Black Powder ruleset. Participating players are welcome.


Game Name: Monmouth Courthouse
Game System: Regimental Fire and Fury

Game Description
Monmouth Courthouse was one of the largest battles of the American War of Independence and the last great battle in the north. Using the AWI variant of Regimental Fire and Fury rules we look at replaying the British counterattack after Charles Lee’s disastrous morning attack on the British. The rebels are far from beaten.


Game Name: The Meeting
Game System: Spectre Operations

Game Description
Sheik Abu-ben-Ishmael has arranged to meet the leader of a local insurgent cell with a view to donating funds to allow the cell to continue their fight against the Western coalition. The CIA has learned of this meeting and have decided to interrupt it, hopefully bagging the Sheik as well. A team of agents has been dispatched to the meeting site, armed with the latest in weaponry. Their orders are to eliminate the insurgents, with extreme prejudice, and bring the Sheik into custody. The insurgents, armed with their reliable and effective AK-47s have vowed to protect the Sheik, or die trying.


Game Name: Mortem et Gloriam (Death and Glory) Ancients/Medieval
Game System: Mortem et Gloriam (Death and Glory)

Game Description
Mortem et Gloriam (MeG for short) is a wargame where you take charge of an army from the ancient world – loosely defined as the period before domination of gunpowder and firearms (so ~1550AD). You command an army of 50 – 100 bases of painted figures, moving them on a table with model terrain that represents a battlefield.

You are the Army Commander and, with your key Sub-Generals, control your army in attempt to smash your opponent. So you could be Alexander with his leading subordinates Parmenio and Ptolemy, or Hannibal with Hasdrubal and Hanno, or Vercingetorix the Gaul with the leaders of the main Gallic tribes, or Ghengis and Kublai… the choice is yours.

With more than 550 different lists, covering the chariot period right through to Late Medieval eastern and western armies, you are spoiled for choice.

Put simply Mortem et Gloriam lets us become a general in the ancient and medieval world. In this participation game, you will take control of an Army Commander, or Sub-General, leading your troops to Death or Glory!