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December 24, 2020 -
Season’s Greetings from Eureka Miniatures, Australia
Thank you for keeping the wargaming hobby alive with your continu... more

December 08, 2020 -
Eureka Miniatures Shop Re-Opening

Great News!

Eureka Miniatures Shop re-opening

... more

October 28, 2020 -
Shop opening update 28/10
As of 28 October, lockdown restrictions affecting retail opening ... more

September 30, 2020 -
Eureka Miniatures postal update
Eureka Miniatures are pleased to announce we are now able to offe... more

July 26, 2020 -
Irregular Miniatures announcement
During Covid-19, we have had a chance to do some ‘house work’.more

June 16, 2020 -
Store Opening Update
We were supposed to be opening this coming Friday and Saturday th... more

May 03, 2020 -
100 Club Australian Home Guard

March 24, 2020 -
Shipping Recommendations
In response to the recent flurry of emails from customers inquiri... more

November 16, 2020 -
28mm Medieval Musicians
For many years Nic has wanted to have a Medieval band in the Eureka range. A visit to Beverley Minster with Alan a few years ago provided the impetus ... more

September 13, 2020 -
28mm Imperial Japanese Army WWII
With a military culture imbued with the ideals of personal sacrifice, Japanese troops were relentless in the attack and absolutely dogged in defence. ... more

July 26, 2020 -
28mm All Animals are Equal
28mm All Animals are EqualEureka Miniatures are pleased to bring to your gaming tables and dioramas a menagerie of farmyard animals hel... more

May 03, 2020 -
15mm Italian Askari
Mussolini’s army in Italian East Africa included native Eritrean and Somali ‘Askari’ troops under the command of Italian officers. Originally only inf... more

February 09, 2020 -
18mm English Civil War 1642 - 1651
The English Civil War, or rather Civil Wars, were fought between the years 1642 and 1651. During those nine dreadful years the British Isles were lite... more

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