Adelaide is back in 2019

Little Wars had two great years in a row in Adelaide and then had a break for a while. But we’re back again in 2019 and are aiming to make this an on-going event into the future.

In the time we were away, our previous venue underwent a change of management and has raised their hiring rates significantly, pricing us out of the market. So we have relocated to the nearby Urrbrae Agricultural High School on Fullarton Rd. The folks at Urrbrae have bent over backwards to help us (a reference to the gymnastics team who gave up their Sunday morning practice session for us).

The event is already building momentum with over a dozen trade stands expressing interest in coming along.

So get your game on folks, it’s going to be a great day.

6 thoughts on “Adelaide is back in 2019

  1. Great to see this event back on the calendar. We presented a 15mm Ancients game and 6mm Battle of Gettysburg game at the previous events and are looking to put on the English Civil War battle of Marston Moor in 28mm in 2019.

  2. Hi Norm,

    Fantastic to hear from you. I will try and get down to the club one weekend soon and catch up with you and Martin and the lads. A 28mm ECW game would be awesome!

  3. Things are moving ahead quickly preparing for our Marston Moor game. The terrain mats for the 16 foot by 6 foot table have arrived from Europe and most of the nearly 1400 figures have been procured (about half of them are already painted and based.

    The club is closed for the Christmas break but will reopen at the start of February, by which time we will be in a position to start playtesting the scenario for the battle.

  4. Looking forward to getting back into the weird and unusual exhibition game world. To Whom do we contact, bribe, or otherwise make strange offers of assistance ? Who is our local organiser ?

  5. Alan

    We haven’t heard back from anyone but we have two games to go.

    Brutal in the bush : 28 mm hosted by Ned and Dan Kelly


    The great emu war ( where you get to shoot emus with a machine gun )

    Both are guaranteed to be either a cure for a migraine or the cause of one.

    What other details do you need for the record ?

  6. Remember, the Emu War was a great victory for Australia.

    The feathered insurgency was identify, it’s leadership quickly removed, and the largely innocent masses were successfully re-integrated peacefully back into bush society.

    Greatest. COIN. Ever.

    I mean face it, if the Emu’s had won our leaders in Canberra would be communicating using nonsense noises instead of English…

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