Games on Offer – 2019

As game details are provided to us by our amazing game masters, we will add them here in the build-up to the event.

Cruel Seas
Come and try Warlord’s latest offering – Cruel Seas. Pit the hardy men aboard your flotilla of Vosper MTBs against the feared E-Boats of the Kriegsmarine in this fast-playing and fun game of small boat action during World War II.

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Martian Attack
Martian Tripods have ravaged the British countryside laying waste to everything that crossed their paths – impervious to everything Humanity fields against them. Unbeknownst to alien invaders though, Her Imperial Majesty’s finest troops are being equipped with the latest weapons of war, fresh from docks of Liverpool and supplied by the United States of America. With these modern machines of war the British plan to put an end to the Martian Tripods’ rampant destruction of their homeland!

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Blood Red Skies – Spitfires over Dunkirk
The skies above the wreckage of Dunkirk are filled with the angry hornets of the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force. As waves of Stuka dive-bombers plunge down on the beaches below, Spitfires and Hurricanes fight to keep their countrymen safe long enough for the evacuation to succeed.
Middle Earth SBG
English Civil War – Marston Moor