Bring and Buy

It’s almost a tradition at the show!

And this year will be no exception. If you have any wargaming-related figures, rules, vehicles, terrain models, books, magazine and games – get packing now and bring them along to the show. We will sell them for you while you’re off playing games and buying more stuff. Come back at the end of the day and collect your money (less Little Wars’ 10% commission). It’s that simple.

It’s best to be well-organised though – get there early with your goodies labelled and packed ready for sale. We won’t be able to sell anything that’s not clearly labelled or we don’t know who it belongs to.

Download the form from here:

PDF Format: LWA-Bring-n-Buy-Forms.pdf
Word Format: LWA-Bring-n-Buy-Forms.docx

On the day, take the 2019 form with your labelled sale goods to the Bring and Buy stall, and collect your cash towards the end of the day.